Kick-off meeting, Košice, SK


The kick-off meeting was hosted by Jozef Uličný (Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice) with the participation of all cooperating groups.

During the meeting we received an overview of the present status of ELI Beamlines (Jakob Andreasson) and the X-ray spectroscopy station at ELI-Beamlines (Anna Zymaková), as well as the current developments at the laboratory X-ray spectroscopy stations of IChF Warsaw (Wojciech Błachucki), IFJ PAN Kraków (Jakub Szlachetko) and WRCP Budapest (Zoltán Németh), which serve as base concepts for the intended spectroscopy stations at ELI. At the end of the meeting, Adam Kubas presented opportunities of theoretical calculations for X-ray spectra, and the meeting was finished with a round table discussion.

As a result of the kick-off meeting, the participants got a deeper insight into the state of the art of X-ray spectrometer developments, exchanged ideas, defined the work share of each partner for the present project, and sketched the preliminary program for instrument development and the goals that are necessary for successful project execution.

Experiment, Dolní Břežany, CZ


During this event an experiment was conducted at the newly developed ultrafast stimulated Raman scattering spectroscopy station of ELI-Beamlines on novel functional molecules. Besides providing significant scientific results, the experiment enabled the cooperating partners to get familiar with the working conditions of the ELI facility, which will be fruitful during future research work.

Summary meeting, Dolní Břežany, CZ


The summary meeting had two purposes. Firstly, it concluded the project, stating that it successfully strengthened the cooperation between the scientists of the V4 countries involved in ultrafast X-ray sciences. Secondly, the intention to hold it at the ELI site was to visit and test the new X-ray sources: the continuous XOS microfocus tube, the ultrafast low intensity water jet source, the ultrafast low intensity copper tape source and the ultrafast high intensity metal jet source, which latter is still under development; as well as the planned Betatron and Compton sources, which were acquired during the second half of the project.

Thus we had presentations about the state and progress of the spectroscopy station (Anna Zymaková), an update on Betatron source (Uddhab Chaulagain), on the metal jet and Cu-tape sources (Roberto Lera) and an update on the diffractometry station (Borislav Angelov).

We also had a test run of the X-ray spectroscopy station, producing the anticipated X-ray radiation from the water jet source and the XOS microfocus tube.

Finally, based on the promising test results, we have established the grounds for future cooperation.